Fashion Procrastionation

Fashion Procrastionation

AXO recently had our alumnae formal in conjunction with our 30th anniversary, and I had the bright idea of getting heels that would even out the large gap in height between my date and I. Jetting off with two of my favorite sisters Jordan and Tammy (who is also a fashion blogger, but more on that later), I scoured the department stores for a lovely new pair.

Part of me wanted to get some fancy pair with baubles or fancy design, but after much trouble with heel-to-toe height ratio and walkability, I chose a pair by Nickels. They’re simple, but versatile, and they’re the tallest pair I own so far (which, honestly, is kind of sad… what kind of short female am I?). That, and they were affordable.

What is your favorite style of heels? Are you a sexy stiletto type of gal, or do you have a penchant for platforms? Either way, own whatever you wear, because any pair of heels can spin an outfit into sartorial gold in the blink of an eye. Besides… everyone needs a little lift in the derriere area once in awhile. Stay sassy, everyone.


OOtD: Black and Red and Leopard All Over

OOtD: Black and Red and Leopard All Over

There are some days when I just do not feel like wearing pants. Perhaps it is because I am a fairly feminine person, but the draw to wear dresses and skirts is very real for me. So today, I decided to go with leggings.

Add in a preppy button-down and some classic black flats for a streamlined silhouette before layering on the statement pieces.

I’ve had this skirt from Forever 21 for awhile, and I really like the material because it is somewhat translucent while having pattern and substance. I like to pair it with black so that the focus is on the skirt itself.

While I am a big fan of wearing scarves around the neck to draw the eye upwards, sometimes it’s better to mix it up and change the accessory to embrace a different style. Here, I take the scarf (an H&M summer purchase) and create a kind of pirate-gypsy nod to Bohemian fashion.

Headscarves always seem to add some depth to outfits. Audrey Hepburn is my biggest inspiration; I always wish I could pull off her traveling headscarf look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
I had a lovely day, and I am really excited to start this blog. I went to Coventry (I’m currently
living in Cleveland as a student) with my sorority little Sasha for froyo and art supplies for my costume design class. Rendering is so interesting to me, I almost wish fashion design only required drawing. I guess that is why I prefer the marketing/consulting aspect. Oh well, I’m signing off now. I’ll get the hang of this and start writing shorter posts. The writer in me just wants to ramble on… Stay colorful, everyone!