Sometimes Being A Girl Has Its Perks… (And They’re Printed!)


I’ll be honest; I have never been the type of girl who would be found toting around the ever-present bags and wallets of Lilly Pulitzer. The designs always seemed a little too cluttered for me, a little too girly. I also try not to fall into the trends of typical females (not to say that there aren’t some girls who work the look, no disrespect meant).

My opinion has changed, however, thanks to the company’s latest print, dedicated to my dear sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. After having spent a month or so entering multiple votes with my sisters on a Facebook contest, we were all thrilled to receive the winning design. They revealed the print concept on Instagram today to the catchy tune of Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure‘, and I’ve definitely fallen in love. With our name and our lyre twisted in the stems of our bright red carnations, the Lilly designers have hit the nail on the head and enchanted all of us. This is one moment when I’m happy to embrace a very typical aspect of sorority life.

When I think about it, having a Lilly print has a legitimizing feeling for us, and that’s not to say that we are shallow types of girls who need to own pretty little totes to boost us up. But Lilly has revolutionized branding, and the company has certainly done well to give girls preppy, feminine pieces that are fun but classy. The original herself started out selling juice and started designing bright, collected print clothing after spilling on her dresses; talk about a stroke of genius.

And you know, I think girls should definitely look more into the brand, there really does seem to be a print for every type of person, whether you dance for joy at ’70s paisley or nautical that ties you up in knots. If print isn’t your thing, they have plenty of other options, including some very cute clothing lines (I was actually really surprised that Lilly wasn’t just for accessories, but go figure!) Lilly stores all over the country and the world carry everything from accessories and dresses to men’s clothing and stationery. Is there anything Lilly’s people can’t make?

So, Lilly, even though you’ve passed on to designer heaven, your lovely legacy lives on, and the brains you left behind have gleaned another happy (future) customer. Thank you for inspiring generations of girls and women to brighten up and turn what you’ve got into something beautiful. You’ll always be the Queen of Preps, but I think I’ll make an exception, just this once. Stay sunny, everyone.

ImageR.I.P Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau – April 7, 2013


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